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Gilbert Coleman, Ph.D.
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Reno, NV 89511
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We We Do

Litigation Support

Gilbert Coleman, Ph.D., Economic Consulting, Inc. provides top quality litigation support for a wide variety of types of cases including anti-trust, contract disputes, business valuation, lost profits, lost earnings, evaluation of assets, discrimination, and many others. Our approach is always to provide economic analysis based on data so that our opinions always stand on firm ground. We then concentrate on finding the most clear and understandable way of presenting the results to the jury. We have provided support and testimony all over Nevada and California in both state and federal courts. We have worked with the States of California and Nevada, Washoe County, Nevada Bell, Atlantic Richfield, Sierra Pacific Power, Harvey's, and the AFL-CIO to name a few. Dr. Coleman has appeared in court more than 250 times over the last decade and a half.

Our guiding philosophy in litigation work is that the client needs analysis that is supported by evidence and fact. We believe that there can be no room for error during testimony and that is guaranteed by thorough preparation and attention to the collect and analysis of all relevant information. We work with the attorneys and their clients to insure this and, by keeping the attorney informed of our goals for the analysis and our progress, that our analysis is consistent with the way the case is being argued.

We strongly believe that the best economic analysis in litigation is useless if a jury cannot understand what is being explained to it. Our approach to testimony is to bring the jury into our thinking and approach to the issues of the case on their terms, not ours. To help them to understand in clear and convincing language and by an open and accessible presentation the results of our economic investigation. We make extensive use of graphical presentation and try to present our testimony in a teaching style. Our success with this method over many years demonstrates the value of our philosophy.

Market and Economic Feasibility

Gilbert Coleman, Ph.D., Economic Consulting, Inc. performs market and economic feasibility studies for a wide variety of projects. We have investigated the feasibility of new product introductions, real estate developments, public sector initiatives, and start-up businesses to mention a few.

While our analytic technique is designed specifically for each project, we typically research the historical data available to determine what the past can tell us about the market. In doing this, we find the appropriate information, that information that is right on target for the issues at hand. For example, we have used information from the Nevada State Demographer in investigating the feasibility of housing projects in Elko, Nevada. We have used information from the Nielsen company to determine the potential market for an advanced type of Video Cassette Recorder. We have used estimates of the purchases in the future of major appliances to determine the demand for electricity when the construction of a power plant was the issue.

Once the information has been gathered, we typically perform a statistical analysis to find trends and estimates of what the future may hold. While we believe in and use the most sophisticated of statistical techniques, we are not misled by the lure of the numbers alone. We realize the limitations of statistical analysis and take great care to explain the risks involved with the use of our figures. We make estimates of how far from our estimates the future may be before the project becomes infeasible. At the same time, we are never afraid to let our clients know that their project does not pencil out and that we would recommend that this one be abandoned and other opportunities be sought. We take pride in the philosophy that we tell our clients only what the facts tell us.

Surveys and Statistical Analysis

Gilbert Coleman, Ph.D., Economic Consulting, Inc. performs surveys and does sampling and statistical analysis using a wide variety of statistical techniques. We have created, administered, and analyzed visitors' surveys, analyses of the makeup of the work force of companies, the effects of particular events on the revenues and profits of companies, and whether a process was or was not random to mention a few. We do regression analysis, hypothesis testing, interval estimation, cross-tabulation, and discriminant analysis among others.

We can either design the testing instrument, whether it is a survey of people's attitudes in the form of a questionnaire or a sample of events that occur normally such as sales in a business or traffic past a location. We can also use information that is provided to us from an outside source such as from business records or work rolls. We are always conscience of the possibility of bias entering into the analysis and minimize its effects. We are also conscience of the presence and effect of non-random occurrences that may serve to skew the analysis and adjust for these. We are careful to extract the most possible information from the numbers without asserting evidence that is not there.

The analysis of the data proceeds, of course, using the most powerful and appropriate statistical tool. We have analyzed the contents of telephone calls by creating confidence intervals around a mathematical measure of their content, created regression models of the sales of businesses and determined how events have affected revenues, and what was the effect of competition in general or the specific actions of competitors. We have determined whether games were games of chance or games of skill by running tests to determine whether the success rate improves as the player learns the game. Our belief is that quality statistical analysis requires creative applications to specific cases. We practice that belief in every project.

Utilities Analysis

Gilbert Coleman, Ph.D., Economic Consulting, Inc. has analyzed many aspects of utility activities. We have reviewed the make-up of the labor force, analyzed the demand for the product, and determined the necessity of the service to mention a few. Dr. Coleman's research background in the area of utilities gives us a powerful understanding of the economic issues confronting utilities. His background on the Senate Commerce Committee and work with various utilities gives us an excellent understanding of the public issues involved in this arena.

Economic Analysis

Gilbert Coleman, Ph.D., Economic Consulting, Inc. has performed a variety of economic analyses that do not fit neatly into any category. We have done extensive work on pension plans, have analyzed the effects of laws on business and labor, and have appeared before the Nevada Legislature on several occasions to present these results. We have done descriptive analyses of economic conditions and have analyzed the effects of major economic changes. We have studied the consequences of changes in the law or the regulatory environment. We have presented these results to several public and private organizations.

Presentation of Results

Our philosophy is that the way to approach any project is to do the analysis that is appropriate to the project, however complex that might be, and then to explain the results in a way that can be understood and used by our clients. We believe that the job is not done until the client has thoroughly understood the work we have done for them. The result of this is that we try to work with our clients as closely as possible during the project and then to create a presentation that allows people without sophisticated technical skill to be able to apply what we have done.